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Printmasta is a company specialising in CD/DVD/BD printing. They can produce as few as one disc or make loads of copies, depending on the particular client's needs and requirements. The CDs and DVDs can be of a regular size or in mini version. What is more, they can make modern CD business cards for you. Apart from that, you can order beautifully made packagings, such as cardboard wallets, booklets, inlays or digipaks (4p or 6p). Moreover, you can order printing on steelboxes, flash drives and not only.

Manufacturing CD

One of their services is also CD duplication. This method is used for smaller amounts, counting maximum 300 units. It involves using a burner and applying the information on a recordable disc with a special laser. Printmasta can do it for you during just 3-5 days and send the products to your country. A client who wants to copy music must make sure that the master CD contains audio files. Moreover, DDP file can be sent as an alternative, while for DVD it is ISO. If you need more details about the offer, you should visit the website of Printmasta.

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