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PPHU RADZISZEWSKI - Sikorskiego 71a | 05-075 Warszawa | tel.: +48 501 643 691

Company's specialisation

Radziszewski company is a renowned manufacturer of metalwork products. They create mostly gates and fences, but their offer includes garden accessories and furniture from forged iron as well. You can order a more modern or traditional design, depending on your individual preferences. Every project is unique, because they modify the standard version in accordance with particular client's personal wishes. They offer a complete customer service, from taking measurements to the assembly of a product.

Beautiful gates

Radziszewski company creates amazingly beautiful residential gates, for example. They can have really impressive ornaments, what will provide you with an outstanding entrance to your property. Their craftsmen are highly experienced, hence they have managed to form their own, characteristic style already. You can be sure that everyone will be stunned to see such a marvellously designed and forged residential gate. In order to see the photos of the projects they have already made, you can go to their website.

Offer: Residential gates

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